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Did you know that you are capable of starting something before even knowing how to do it? Do you even believe that statement? Take riding a bike for instance. Most every kid starts out riding a bike because they see someone else doing it, get the idea in their head, and go for it. They have no idea about the mechanics of the gear system, or of the coordination between eyesight and handlebar movement. All they know is that it looks like fun and want to give it a shot. As we have all seen, and maybe experienced before, that same kid will hop on the bike and probably crash. Because although we are capable, doesn’t mean we jump in blindly as a kid does. We are adults here guys, and we need a system and process to get us where we want to be. Remember this phrase – “The why always come before the will.” In other words, you have to know why are you starting to do something before you actually start doing it.


I’m of the belief that we teach and communicate most effectively upon the ideas and lessons we need to know most. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that hundreds of thousands of people are unsatisfied in the workplace. The reasons will vary, but at the core, it’s stemming for the same problem. Suffering from being bored, from puny amounts of recognition and appreciation, and low expectations conveyed on prospects. Being a business owner and restaurateur, I have my fair share of employees. I’ve seen these people who are bored and feel unappreciated. But I’d like to offer a new way of thinking that puts you in the spotlight of examination. Not in all cases, but more than not, the problems aren’t from the employer, but rather the employee lacking focus on what they want out of life. America is truly where dreams come true and I’m living proof of that. I’ve been on the other side of the fence, don’t get me wrong. At a time in my life, I too lacked focus and was frustrated at work. My grandpa and grandma were always quick to tell me that people, who wanted to do extraordinary things, did extraordinary things. It all came down to focusing, reflecting on my focus, and the acting upon focus. This process is difficult for some, but if ignited internally, has the potential to move you forward in life.


  • The Wrong Ladder – Just because you are climbing a ladder, doesn’t mean that you are on the right wall. If you are not focused and tuned in to what lies ahead in the future, you goals and achievements on your “ladder” may seem meaningless and not worthwhile. Take the time to step off the ladder, and examine if this is what you truly want. Don’t confuse handwork and effort with frantic, pinned up energy. Going up a ladder of success doesn’t mean that upon reaching the top, you are satisfied.
  • Speaking from the Heart – It was always told to me in business that if I wanted it, I could have it. The same is true for you! Here’s the catch though – You have to know why you want to do something. This is the second time I’ve mentioned “the why” because it’s important you catch that. If your reasoning is in place, the resources become available. You have to find descriptive language for what you are seeking, since that description will ultimately shape your future world and outcome. It might seem hard at first, but remember, you are capable of anything.
  • In Your Head, In Your World – What we think about drives us. If we think about eating, we are going to eat. If we think about marriage, most likely one day we will tie the knot. It makes sense then that when we think about success and how to navigate that path, it becomes a driving force. Wherever you place your attention, thoughts, and focus, is where you will ultimately end up. So choose now to focus and forward, progressive thinking, rather than staying bored with where you are now.


Nobody can be you like you can be you. Think about that – millions of others might have the same salary, title, or even habits as you. It depends on the beliefs, values, and your identity that have shaped those life experiences though. We have been so many things in our lives from caregivers, to children, to adults, and to workers. Each one of these experiences has shaped you into who you are today. The key is figure out how those experiences are going to continue to get you where you want to go. Successful people think positively, have a constant vision of success, and imagine their future reality with vivid, direct, and powerful intent. So is it true to say that the life you think may be the life you live? Maybe, but you’ll never know until you start. #Business101