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I don’t find it ironic that I use the same word to describe my grandma and desserts… sweet.  #TeamFabio, it’s because both are always there for you, have the capacity to comfort you anytime, and take all of your troubles away in a matter of minutes.  It’s those little nibbles of chocolate, caramel, or vanilla that make our taste buds dance like they are starring in a Broadway show.  It’s hard for me to think of a sweet I don’t like!  However, most chefs choose one concentration over the other.  It’s either hot foods or pastries.  Well not today people, because Uncle Fabio is doing a crossover to cover everything.  Just for you, of course.
During the summer season, take advantage of all the wonderful fruits bursting with their full potential of flavor.  From strawberries to raspberries, to plums and peaches, desserts can be heavy or light, but every time will be delicious!  These types of desserts will help you beat the heat while you are dining outside or just enjoying the day after dinner.  It’s like they are on a summer vacation – they transform into the sweetest bites of glory and get everything for free!  I don’t know much about summer vacation guys, but that’s my attempt at understanding it.  Dessert is the last chance for the wow factor.  It’s the last bite you will be taking of the meal and might be that lasting impression for your guests.  You have to make sure that it’s spot on.  Have you ever been on a job interview before? Thought so – you start with an introduction and are dressed nice.  But where you seal the deal is in the final handshake and eye contact.  That’s dessert! The meal is almost over and waiting to affirm your approval.  Are you ready to shake hands? Looks like we have a deal, dessert.  You’re about to make me very happy, now let’s see what you got.
Chocolate is arguably the King and Queen of the dessert world.  It melts, crunches, coats, and shaves like gold.  Drizzle over chilled gelato or grate over whipped cream and orange segments.  Plus, it doubles as an “I’m sorry for forgetting our anniversary” escape plan.  You won’t be out of the dog house, but at least you will earn yourself a little wiggle room. But shame on you for forgetting in the first place.  Pretty sure if you would’ve made dessert, you wouldn’t be having to apologize.  Hope you learned your lesson fellas, so pay very close attention.  There’s dark chocolate, milk chocolate, semisweet chocolate, and all of the above mixed with whatever other ingredients you can think of that can be used in pastries.  I’m not suggesting to cover your green beans with it, but that’s where your common sense should be kicking in. In a dessert bind?  Shave chocolate over fruit and dust with powdered sugar.  It’s honestly your savior in the dessert arena.
Summer desserts can be summed up in four words to me – sweet, tangy, crunchy, and creamy.  Almost any dessert I make or enjoy has at least two of these words associated with them.  Now you should give it a shot.  When you are thinking about dessert, try to find at least half of those words in what you are eating or making.  Those words equal 100% satisfaction.  But did you expect anything less from your favorite Italian? You guys, I have you covered.  Take a simple berry, maybe pair it with some citrus, and add a sugar crumble.  Dessert can be that simple if you want.  Other times, you want a dense piece of pound cake that will make your mouth water and have you dreaming of clouds of chocolate while raining tiny droplets of lemon curd.  Are you kidding me? I’m having that dream tonight and don’t plan on waking up!
At my dinner table, it’s all about family.  I had dogs growing up, so your pets are included as well.  Your family isn’t worried about what altitude your strawberries grew at or what speed you whipped cream at.  They just want to be happy with you.  Dessert is the perfect vehicle for that love transport.  Don’t give them a used car – spoil them with a Ferrari.  Take those sweets, those crunchy bits, those pieces of brûlée sugar and use them to make their faces light up.  There is no greater satisfaction than that of a person smiling, especially when your hands have prepared it.  It’s simple guys – like my grandpa told me me… “Fabio, keep it simple.  Love will be the greatest ingredient you will ever cook with.” Grandpa, you couldn’t have been more right and my desserts will always end that way. #Dessert #sweettooth