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The Olympics were unreal #TeamFabio!  I never have a person that I’m cheering for, but rather I’m just watching to see who wins.  The strategy…the determination…the trust…the delegation. With so many people acting toward one goal, leadership is a must.  Now, I don’t understand gymnastics, just the fact that you have to flip and twist your body better than someone else.  In business, I’m always aiming to get to the other side.  The grass is always greener there!  And isn’t that what we all want these days?  When the grass is green, it means that it’s healthy.  So let’s discuss how to get to the other side with sharp attention to detail and expert skill.  It’s time for a touchdown, People!

Through the years, I always come back to my grandpa.  A wise man.  A loving man.  A smart man.  He told me once, “Fabio, if you aren’t leading, then you are following.  If you aren’t striving, you are standing still.  If you aren’t directing, that means there is nothing there to direct.”  Years later, I see the wisdom in these words.  If you are in a position where delegation isn’t happening, this means that there isn’t a business to begin with.  I’m not saying that you can’t have something successful by yourself, but there’s only so much one person can do.  I don’t care how good you are – you need people to succeed.  You need to be able to hand out tasks to people in order to free yourself up to make the bigger goals happen.

  • Think Big – The kitchen is my second home.  We have what’s called a brigade system.  Think of it as a hierarchy – our chain of command.  All orders come from the executive chef and then are relayed to the staff by the sous chef, if not already done by the executive chef.  While he is able to do everything in the kitchen, his skills for peeling potatoes and carrots are no longer needed.  Smaller tasks are delegated out so he can focus on the business as a whole.
  • The Right Tone – You aren’t bossing people around here.  You are making them a part of the overall operation.  They have to feel like their contribution is worthwhile.  They have to feel that when they work hard, the fruits of their labor will be seen in some way.  Nobody likes working for nothing. Certainly not people in the business community!  Speak with a clear, distinct voice. Give direction like it’s a master battle plan. That way people will be willing to go into battle and fight for what it is you’re doing.  Don’t be scared though – this isn’t real battle where your head gets chopped off, but this is the type of battle where there is a winner and a loser. Decide which side you will be on.
  • A Clear Mind – If you are trapped inside the little things of your operation, you lose sight of the peripheral.  This isn’t me saying don’t pay attention to detail, but rather that you must master the small areas in order to leave them alone.  If you are continuing to do everything, you aren’t moving forward.  Grass is greener, remember?  You simply cannot begin to start growing until you lift your head to see down the road.  Tasks must be delegated so that you can be at the front leading the pack.  You are the trailblazer, if you want to be.

Take it from a person who has been in business for over 20 years and has had his fair share of ups and downs, you have to be able to MAKE THE TEAM.  It doesn’t matter who scores the points, just as long as they are for your team!  Sure, you want to contribute to the cause, but whether you’re the starter, middle, or finisher, you get to wear an Olympic Gold medal if you win.  People who are selfish and need all the attention are the ones that fade the quickest.  The people you never hear about are the ones really killing it in the game.  You know why you have never heard of a mutli-millionaire?  It’s because they are busy looking down the road leading their packs while you are still stuck with your head in the dirt trying to do everything.  It’s time to delegate and move to the other side.  Are you ready?  Then let’s do this!  There’s never a better time than the present to organize your game plan and start leading your pack.  #Business101 #BusinesswithFabio