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If you still want to Leave it to Beaver, you might be left out of place, outdated, and headed for the curb. Today, the media rules the world.  Like it or not, it’s the truth.  But there is still joy to be found in this, guys.  In this current economic climate, companies have the power to conduct 95% of their business; from sales, to recruiting, to responses, and design of campaigns and projects.  No longer is a middleman required to relay information from producers to consumers.  A change is in the air, and it’s a beautiful sight.

For the past 20 years, I’ve seen and gathered many, many life and business lessons.  Seen my friends succeed and fail.  Seen myself rise to the occasion and had to go back to the drawing board.  I now see things differently with media doing away with the old and rapidly welcoming the new.  It’s an open arm policy with start-up media companies and their ideas to connect with consumers.  I see the M.O.B.S. eyes.  Ever heard of this concept? I hope not because I’ve working on it for your guys!  Let’s explore these 4 points of changing media and how you must adapt your business if you want to survive in this digital age.


  • MERGING – Stories are best told in our own words, with our own experiences.  Your company must be able to tell their story of coming up.  Telling the story of their product well entice buyers to identify with their brand.  But how do you convey that story? You merge.  You give creative power to your customers.  Once you have told your story, and they have come on board with your product, let them tell you how it can get better.  Associate your strategy with their comments and feedback.  Build a stronger brand with the people who are giving you muscles in the first place.
  • OBJECTS of elevation – These objects are your customer’s choices.  With each generation, the business “standard of living” is elevated.  When phones went from flip to smart, people expected other companies to follow suit.  With more choices than ever, companies must consistently revamp their approach, appearance, and delivery. Back then; you had to buy the whole record to enjoy the hit track.  Now; you buy what you want.  The Internet has opened the doors to giving consumers everything at their fingertips.  How are you evolving to make sure that those fingertips are tapping into your brand?
  • BUYERS – Face the facts guys – buyers control the market.  As much as a company might think that they have the power, consumers can turn for whatever reason and ultimately sink a company.  For instance, Blockbuster lost business to Netflix because they weren’t able to keep up with customer demands and suggestions.  The same people that made them rich made them bankrupt.  Buyers have greater choices, and they expect those choices to be constantly updated and reinvented.  Make sure your business offers convenience, limited to zero commitment, and elevated standards.  This means that you want the buyers to make their own decision to stick with you, rather than creating a scheme that forces them in.  If the choices are left to them, more times than not, those people will be the most loyal.
  • SPECIFICS – With the Internet having the capability to retrieve millions of documents and images at the snap of a finger, a company must be very careful how they label themselves.  Not only their label, but their content of company vision.  You should give customers and buyers what they want.  My business is food.  I have no business offering my audience movie previews.  My audience wants recipes, cooking videos, and food trends in the household.  They can rely that when they visit my site, they can get all this in one stop and a couple of clicks of the mouse.  The way we stay current?  By connecting with the locals.  Wineries, food writers, and farmers have like-minded visions as our restaurant.  When we do business with them, we then integrate their customers.  The larger the circles of friends, the more content we can retrieve and give to our customers.


Most everyone in conventional media is currently worried about giving up their old ways because they have worked for so many years.  The true concept is to hold those habits of successful business, but adapting them an updated media platform.  When you want to update your house, do you tear the whole thing down and build again? Absolutely not!  You change a wall color, updates a bathroom, and tear down some walls to create dimension.  I’ve found that the best way to connect is to have 1950’s mentality with 2013’s energy.  This means that you focus on connecting with your customer and creating that relationship.  But do it with all the outlets offered to us in the digital arena. When the right hand meets the left, only then can both be lifted up and waved like the unified fist of a champion.  The Culture Shift is in full effect – Will you respond? #Business101