Tips for Undergraduates: How to Avoid Getting Hacked?

Cybercrime is booming every day now. It becomes a real business process: stolen data can be sold to the third parties or returned to owners for an impressive amount. Neglecting safety, students are exposed to such kind of risks. However, today, you will find out what you can do to protect yourself.

Are You Sure Your Passwords Are Secure?

The first thing you need to start with is to forget all your passwords. Why? Many of us are used to using the same password for all our accounts. But if at least one of your accounts is hacked, then all the others will be hacked too.

Today, there are manypasswords manager apps. They will help you create passwords that will be difficult to crack. Of course, it’s much more familiar to use your old and convenient passwords, but when it comes to security and personality, it’s better not to resort to this method.

Don’t Neglect Two-Factor Authentication

Be sure to enable two-factor authentication to log into your accounts. Yes, this is not always convenient. But it can help you keep your data safe.

As soon as someone wants to log into your account, you will instantly receive a notification on your mobile. Even if someone managed to get your password, then without a special code that comes to your mobile, the login procedure will not be implemented. For example, this method is used in Gmail.

Many students do not use two-factor authentication and make a big mistake. This is because they are too lazy and busy to constantly confirm authorization. The point is that such laziness puts your data at risk.

Get Rid of Your Old Accounts

You may not use many accounts, but passwords may be stored on your computer. If they are no longer useful to you, then please, it is best to remove them. Alternatively, you can save them offline.

Just imagine what could happen if one of these accounts is hacked if you use similar passwords? Attackers will easily receive all your personal data, and, as an option, your dissertation. For them, it does not have value, but for you, it is a ticket to a successful career. Therefore, be so kind as to protect yourself.

Create a Strong Password for Your Phone

Many students underestimate the importance of the unlock code for your smartphone. The same is for your tablets. Passwords for access to various accounts are saved in the same way on your smartphones.

Therefore, if your gadget is stolen, you are at risk of breaking your data. It is best to use a six-digit code or a fingerprint checking option.

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Use Third-Party Devices with Care

Since you are ungraduated, you can often log in to your accounts through the computers of a college or university. It doesn’t matter whether it is a class or a library; you need to remember about your safety.

Even in the school, there may be hackers who install a program to track keystrokes. This means that for several days, attackers can get a lot of passwords.

How to protect yourself? If you used third-party devices to enter your accounts, it is best to change your passwords. Thus, you can get out of the risk zone to become victims of such a program!

As you can see, making yourself a little safer is not difficult. Do not neglect these tips, and your data will be safe!