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            It’s all about the high life: fast cars, fast money, big fancy luxurious items from jewelry to collectibles to watches.  That’s what it’s all about in the business world right?  WRONG.   Don’t mishear me America – all those things are possible with a successful business, but if they are the driving factor, then you are sure to crash in the long run.  A smart business is run on structure and passion, not the pursuit to get the new Lambo or Porshe.  All of the finer things in life will come, but the basics are what get the ball rolling in the first place.  Want quick money? Go buy a freakin lottery ticket!  Wanna learn how to lead people to a better life, while enriching yours at the same time?  Listen up! You have to take on the CEO Mindset.

What is a CEO?  In technical terms, it means, “Chief Executive Officer.”  For our purposes today, you will remember CEO to represent who you will become during this process – “Constant Encouragement Operator.”  How does a CEO act?  Well, he or she is running a company so they must have a sense of leadership and poise about themselves.  They must be able to process multiple pieces of information to take them from separate thoughts to big picture ideas.  A CEO mindset is NEVER AT REST.  They find time where others find laziness and take those precious minutes throughout the day to get work done. A CEO mindset is not an easy road to drive down, but take it from me, it’s one of the greatest rewards.  Here are some of the qualities you have to own for yourself!

  • Take the Risk – You have to be able to jump off the business cliff.  I’m not talking suicide here people, but calculated risks are what make and break a great CEO.  Take a risk on a person that you have a gut feeling about that only needs a chance.  Take a risk on buying property and turning it into something.  These times are what separate the leaders from the followers and even if it doesn’t go the way you planned, have a back up for what is going to happen next.  Always be one step ahead!
  • Shut your Mouth – Real leaders don’t need to talk about their accomplishments.  You know why? It’s because everyone else will do it for them.  Spend your time making your voice be heard in meetings, conference calls, and seminars.  We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Demonstrate positive teaching to your employees and co-workers and instantly you will be seen as a role model and start to get ahead.  Always be encouraging!
  • Speed Reading – You have to be able to navigate through people at the drop of a hat.  It’s fine to listen to what others have to say, but if you want to be a leader, you have to set the standards and not second guess yourself.  The same goes for situations in the real world.  You need to be able to examine a situation quickly and bring about results even quicker.  All of this comes with time, but now is the time to start practicing.  Always be quicker!

As a business man myself, when I’m approached with ideas on expansion and other restaurant concepts, I always use the 3 things listed above.  I also make sure that the people that are approaching me with those ideas have all the same qualities listed above.  Like minds are critical for an organizations success.  A good CEO gets the job done.  A great CEO creates the job to get done and makes sure that everyone along for the ride is buckled in and ready to rock!

Remember when I said that a CEO is always working?  That doesn’t always mean physically.  They could be working mentally or emotionally as well.  The important thing is that a body and mind in motion is one that is headed for success.  It’s also contagious!  People who work with or for you see the drive and push you have, and want what you have.  It’s like a drug!  The encouragement goes both ways too.  Not only does a CEO encourage others, but they remember that it all started from within themselves. You must be able to look in the mirror and see the foundation of success.  It all starts with you!  If you are ready to be a CEO, just let me know.  We are all waiting for you to rise to the occasion!