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Week of 9/11/2012

I’m excited to announce the kick-off of my weekly blog & newsletter !! Each week, I bring you recipes & info around a theme – should be fun !!
This week, to celebrate Grandparent’s day (which was Sept. 9)….I have many recipes that will have you sharing both memories and delicious comfort food with your family !!

I recently lost both my grandparents from my mom side (only my dad’s dad is left) and so I always try to keep their memories alive…. I thought I would share a few memories about my family : )

My family is VERY important to me.…and I love the foods that my Grandma make for me when I was growing up. Actually, at the age of 5, I accidentally set my grandma on fire – OOPS !! Maybe because I had my first glass of wine at age 5 too : ) My mom and dad (and most of my family) hoped I was going to become a Vet doctor – how wrong were they ?? In the 3rd grade I had braces and punched a kid that make fun of me….I got suspended & got my braces off all within 3 days.

When I was 8, I met the Pope with my Grandpa and told him “Nice hat dude”.…I clearly was a rebel child. Then in my 5th year of elementary school, my music teacher pulled me aside during a performance & asked me to don’t actually blow into the instrument…good thing I’m not a musician ; ) I guess it was all for the best because I LOVE being a Chef and being able to share my family memories with you all !!

I hope you enjoy these recipes to now share with your family : )

You can find them on my Twitter @fabioviviani AND my Pinterest: each day of the week….. Ciao !!