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Gentleman, let’s get one thing straight about weddings.  It’s all about HER.  Not you, HER.  The flowers are meant to have HER personal touch.  Everyone doesn’t care about your suit, but HER dress.  They want to see HER ring.  Face it guys, the day is HERS and it’s your job to make sure that it stays that way.  You might be feeling like chop liver at this point, but at least you are HER chopped liver (remember it’s all about her).  But sometimes women can go off the deep end when it comes to wedding planning.  Now, don’t go on some rant and say, “Fabio that’s such rude thing to say” because you all know I’m right.  But fellas, take that opportunity to keep your bride-to-be happy and have these helpful tricks up your sleeve to save the day.  But please remember to let HER take the credit.  It will help you in the long run.


Simplicity is key.  Go simple on the big things, and fine tune with details – it’s not the color of the napkin that matters, but rather how its folded. Believe me when I say that weddings can get very clustered and very quickly.  Having too many opinions is usually more of a negative than positive thing.  Especially when it comes to the after party, we don’t need very many people deciding the course of events.  Good thing you have me America! I hereby name myself the official, unofficial wedding planner at no charge! Can’t beat that even if you tried.

I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and have seen the good, bad, and the ugly (no i’m not talking about the bride).  Let me share some tips and advice on your upcoming big day to make it as effortless as possible – both from a chef’s and planner’s point of view.  Let’s take a walk down the isle, shall we?


  • Tried and True – Chances are you didn’t meet the person you are marrying yesterday.  It took time to develop feelings, learn each others quirks, and eventually fall in love.  Food is the same way people – now is NOT the time to experiment.  You want tried and true recipes to use for this.  Less headaches and more guaranteed flavor for you and your guests.  Whether you or someone else is planning the menu, make sure it’s done with food that at least has been 5-10 times prior to your event.


  • This isn’t a Restaurant – As much as I love doing chef tastings for my customer, your guests aren’t going to your event to eat dinner, they are going for the event as a whole.  Make sure to include food items that reflect that.  Leave fois gras and ideas of surf/turf at the door.  They are stuffy and have another time and place.  Most of that style of food doesn’t do well in large amounts.  That’s the reason we only pull it out when doing small portions for people.  Select items that are familiar, but are maybe worded differently.  People don’t want stuffy food, nor do they want to be stuffed themselves.
  • Print it and Ship it! – The extra step is what makes it memorable.  Print a dinner menu for your guest.  That gives them a choice and let’s them know that you thought about it, rather than simply making the decision for them.  Having a menu also let’s guest review to see if they have any foods that they simply can’t eat due to allergies.  This works with buffet, single plate, or family style eating! #Boom


  • Stay in Season – Want to keep those costs down?  Go for things are the being grown at the time.  Strawberries aren’t available, in their purest form, all year as much as you might want to believe.  Do a little research and find out the fruits and vegetables in season at the time of your wedding.  Choose those items and it will help keep your food costs down.  Also, if a chef hears someone with this kind of attention to food, they will be much, much happier to work with you!


  • Ditch the Plate – I’m not saying that you can’t have a sit down dinner, but why not mix it up and let your guests mingle more?  Set up high top style tables and give your guests the option of standing or walking.  Serve slightly heavier style appetizers that will fill your guests, but keep them mobile.  They will end up dancing more too if they are already up!


  • So yes to the Drink – Your guest are expecting to at least have a beer, so why not go the extra fun step and have a signature cocktail for the wedding? Cosmos for the ladies and old fashions for the gents!  Take the drink that fits you best and have two for yours guests.  Open bars are fun and all, but they get very, very expensive when people don’t know how to control their consumption.  This is a playful way to give options.


America, I’m getting married in the future that’s for sure.  And I already know my sweet wife is gonna get whatever she wants!  But if you are stuck in the pits with no ideas for your big day, feel free to take all the credit and use my suggestions.  I promise to keep my mouth shut #TeamFabio.  Are you already married?  These ideas can be translated into any event you are putting on.  Just remember to keep it simple, keep it classy, and keep it Italian (with me of course)!  Love you to pieces! #WeddingbyFabio #Letstalkabout