Week of 10/02/2012


This week is the first part of a 2-part series on the wonderful world of red wines !!

Red wine gets its rich, deep red color because the grape skins and the juice are best friends and stick together during the fermentation process. There are several different types of red wine (almost 20 !!), so here is a quick breakdown of seven of the most popular.

Zinfandel-based wines are EXCITING!! There is little spiciness in the fruity and berry-tasting, exotic mixture. They have a little bit of acid taste. As a Zinny gets older, she gets calmer and more agreeable. : ) Some good food to eat when you have a Zinny are sausage, duck, spicy-seasoned sauces, and some gingerbread or spice cake for dessert.

Merlots are one of the rare wines that actually smell like a grape!! The taste might have some plum, dark berry-blend, a hint of mint, very complex. Merlot has similar acidity to Zinfandels, and goes well with grilled meat, steak, bolognese sauce, carmelized onion, as well as a mint or rosemary seasoned dish with a dark, chocolatey dessert.

Malbec has full taste in mouth like a dark chocolate, very rich dark fruity taste, but also has a modest amount of acid taste. It is often criticized by snobbier wine experts for being boring and simple, but who cares ?! You decide after YOU drink if you like or not. When you are drinking it, because of its “simple” nature, Malbec is, like Pinot, very friendly wine to all food. Maybe try with braised rib or a tagliatelle.

Syrah (the real way to say it) ; ) has a bit more acid taste than these last three. Typically, Syrah has black fruit flavors and a little bit of spice. You might wanna try with a meaty pizza, or some kind of flavorful red meat dish

Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Barbera have similar, high levels of acid taste.

Pinot Noir is regarded as one of the most versatile wine for foods !! It has a red-fruit taste, and sometimes a woody flavor. It is match in heaven for chicken, but most other meats as well. Very good for almost anything it is hard to go wrong here.

A cab has the dark fruit flavor, some vanilla, and some even say a little tobacco !! It goes PERFECT with red pastas, chocolates, and red meat.

Barbera is also great food wine, and the taste varies again from darker berries, to vanilla like the cabernet, as well as a hint of spice. Like cabernet, it is great compliment to pasta with meat or a tomato based sauce.

Chianti is last but definitely not the least !! It is my Italy’s most popular wine, so it is special to me. It is perfect for dinner, especially Italian food, because its fruity flavor is very relaxed and agreeable: it compliments the food rather than fighting with it. : ) You might want to try it with lamb or chicken.

Next week we have part 2 of the red rundown !!

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Week of 9/25/2012

Today, I will start a crash course in the many different types of wine !! Today we go into world of ROSE WINE !!

Often time rose is served colder than normal red wine, so it’s better when you are hot. It also has less alcohol, so it goes well with middle-of-day summer….or when you are wanting wine but not wanting to be drunk.

Rose is similar to red wine. However, rose wines spend less time with grape parts (and that’s from couple of hours to couple of days) than red wine.

Good rose colors are a pink, a dark pink, a pinkish orange, and a lighter orange.

Next week we will discuss THE RED !!

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Week of 9/18/2012

There are few things more enjoyable than a glass of great wine with your girlfriend…. I can think of one thing. ; ) This is why I would like to share with you my love of wine !! So I have been thinking that maybe what I should do is to start my own wine club !! Maybe in the future I can go to italy or spain & bring home some delicious wines for everyone in the club? But I am getting ahead of myself…. You certainly can love wine without knowing anything about it except that it is the NECTAR OF THE GODS !! But I plan to teach you how to enjoy wine on another level.

Do you know the difference between a merlot & a cabernet sauvignon ?? Most people only know what they learned from Sideways about wine…. I will teach you what you need to know about wine, so that you can start enjoying something other than pinot noir !! Nothing against it, but come on, there is more to life…. Ever since people were building the pyramids, they were already drinking wine !! How else do you think they could do that ? A little wine…. and you forget that the huge rock isa crushing your spine !! The point is that it has been a part of our culture for as long as we can remember….

Wine at its most basic level is fermented grapes. All fruit goes through a natural fermentation process…. Yeast will naturally build up on the outside of the fruit, when the fruit is ready she splits open and waits for the yeast to break down the fruit. Are you asleep yet !? I just told you that all fruit gets drunk as skunk when it starts to ferment. When the yeast begins to eat the sugar in the fruit, the yeast produces alcohol, your feet a smashes the grapes and BOOM !! You have your wine !! Thats it for this week but I want you to do some homework…. That means have some wine and tell me what YOUR favorite wine is on twitter @fabioviviani

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